Epic Jon

Jonathan Stephanoff

Finishing my undergraduate in anthropology is what started me on the course to photojournalism. I had high dreams of exotic fieldwork with unknown tribes in the Amazon or excavating Mayan temples lost to the pages of history, but the more I photograph the more I realize it is people’s experiences and stories that fascinate me. I've been a museum photographer, newspaper photojournalist, site photographer for an archaeological dig and I have made photographs on four continents with a goal of all seven.

My interest in photography developed at a young age and I recently earned a master's degree in photojournalism from the University of Missouri. To me, photography is about more than a picture, it preserves that time, or place, or person and documents that person, place, and culture. It is a tool of exploration. I'm still drawn to that preservation of cultural aspects and it is the frame that I bring into every assignment I photograph.

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Email: jonathan.stephanoff@gmail.com

Phone: 330.969.9337